Why my fishes Don’t Have Color?

Fish can appear pale or colorless after transportation due to stress. The transportation process can be quite stressful for fish, leading to a temporary condition known as “transport stress” or “shipping stress.” Here are some reasons why fish might become pale or colorless after transportation:   Water Quality Change: During transportation, fish are exposed to […]

What do I need To start fish keeping?

To start aquarium fish keeping, you’ll need several essential items to create a suitable and healthy environment for your fish. Here’s a basic list of what you’ll need:   Aquarium Tank: Choose an appropriate tank size based on the type and number of fish you plan to keep. A larger tank is generally more stable […]

What if My Fish Arrives Dead?

Take clear photos/videos of the dead fish while they are still in the unopened bag. This will serve as evidence of their condition upon arrival. If the fish die after anytime after they are released into their tank, that responsibility falls on the owner and no refund can be provided.   Email us the photos/videos […]

How to Acclimate Fish

Float the Bag: Place the sealed fish bag in the aquarium water to allow the temperature to equalize gradually.   Open Bag: Open the bag and roll down the top edge to create an air pocket. This will help the bag float.   Add Tank Water: Slowly add small amounts of tank water into the […]