How to Acclimate Fish

Float the Bag: Place the sealed fish bag in the aquarium water to allow the temperature to equalize gradually.


Open Bag: Open the bag and roll down the top edge to create an air pocket. This will help the bag float.


Add Tank Water: Slowly add small amounts of tank water into the bag every 10-15 minutes. This helps the fish adjust to the new water parameters.


Monitor Parameters: Check the temperature, pH, and other water parameters in the bag and the tank. Ensure they match closely before proceeding.


Release Fish: Use a net to gently transfer the fish from the bag to the tank. Avoid adding the water from the bag into the tank.


Dispose Bag Water: Do not pour the bag water into the tank, as it might contain harmful substances from the fish store.


Dim Lights: Reduce the tank’s lighting for the first few hours to reduce stress on the fish.

Monitor: Keep an eye on the fish for the next few days. Make sure they are eating and behaving normally.



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